Dear Colleagues and the All Participants who contributed in WMESS until now

On behalf of the International Committee of the World Multidisciplinary Earth Sciences Symposium, let us warmly to say goodbye you all. We greatly appreciate your interests to participate in WMESS and thank you for your contributions until now. After a very long discussions and evaluation of the situation, we regret to announce that the Committee has now been made a decision to stop the organization of the WMESS depending on the decreased number of the participants and economical situation.

However, please do not worry about the publications of 8th WMESS. Because they will be soon sent to publisher and the publishing process will start. We will complete all the procedures. However, consider that the publishing process can take a time 12-18 months. We will do our best for the shortest time for publishing them online.

The 1st WMESS had been organized in 2015, and the 8th of WMESS series has been organized and closed. We tried to do our best and united our efforts to establish one of the largest and appreciated event of Earth Sciences from the beginning (1st WMESS 2015) until the last one (8th WMESS on 2023).

The main mission of the "World Multidisciplinary Earth Sciences Symposium - WMESS" was to lead to contribute in multidisciplinary studies related with atmosphere, biosphere, hydrosphere, lithosphere and pedosphere of the Earth and interaction of the human with them. As another mission, WMESS provided a forum for this diverse range of studies, which report very latest results and document emerging understanding of the Earth's system and our place in it.

We would like to show our deep gratitude to the honoured Scientific Committee and Institutional Scientific Partners of WMESS. We are deeply grateful to the members of the scientific committee and institutional scientific partners.

We thank to all sponsors of WMESS (LAMA Energy Group Gas and Oil, Basarsoft, Cielna, MDPI Publishing, and Prague City Tourism) for their very much appreciated supports during the organizations of the World Multidisciplinary Earth Sciences Symposium.

We would like to thank to the Managers and all staff of the venue Hotel DUO for their friendly and very professional supports for organization of the events.

Of course, We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all participants of WMESS events from more than 70 different countries all over the world for their interests and contributions in WMESS.

We thank to the team of WMESS for their very much appreciated high workload during years.

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